The store is loaded and pre-orders are accepted starting February

1st. Usually the bobwhite varieties (Whitebobs, Mexican speckled,

Tennessee reds, and Snowflake) are rolling eggs by the first week of

April ~ with fertility confirmed soon after, . Desert varieties (Valley,

Bluescale, and Gambles) usually don’t start producing until the first

of May. Here in Michigan winter will occasionally hold on well into

April, causing delays in egg production. Please keep this on mind

when placing your order.

All orders are shipped in order of payments received.

If you need your eggs shipped on or prior to a certain date, please

check with us before submitting your purchase to make sure those

dates are attainable. Otherwise your order will be shipped in the

order it was received.

Eggs will be shipped in custom foam shippers to maximize protection and minimize breakage. We use USPS Priority Mail as the primary shipping service. Every precaution is taken to protect the eggs during transit. We ship Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. No guarantees regarding fertility, hatch-ability, or condition of the eggs are offered or implied. We do not take responsibility for the eggs once they leave our premises, as we cannot control the conditions they are subjected to, such as: -EXTREME TEMPERATURE DURING TRANSPORTATION -ROUGH HANDLING OF THE PACKAGE DURING SHIPPING. -X-RAYING THE PACKAGE BY THE POSTAL SERVICE. -THE DISTANCE THE EGGS HAVE TO TRAVEL. -YOUR INCUBATION PROCESS All sales are final. In the event the birds stop laying sooner than expected refunds will be sent right away. We also understand that circumstances often change unexpectedly ~ therefore in the event you need to cancel an order just let us know and we will issue the refund promptly. No refunds will be issued for low fertility or hatch rates.